Disposing of Holiday Waste

As we begin to approach the holiday season we may be wondering, how can we properly dispose of our holiday waste? According to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, in the two weeks following Christmas, twice as much waste is collected as in the first part of December. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind this year:

  • Styrofoam belongs in the black bin, not the recycling, this is one of our most improperly sorted materials.

  • Non-foil wrapping paper and cardboard waste goes into our recycling. Foil wrapping paper and tissue paper are not recyclable and need to be placed in the black bin (consider keeping and reusing tissue paper for next year!).

  • Broken light strings and other electronics should be taken to an ecostation for free disposal.

  • Unwanted decorations and artificial trees in good condition can be taken to the Reuse Centre (reopening Jan. 2022), or consider donating these items to a local charity. If artificial trees must be disposed of, you can dispose of them in your black bin, but make sure that the lid can still fully close. If not, please take it to an Eco Station for disposal.

  • Place your natural Christmas tree out for collection by January 10, 2022; trees will be picked up for recycling between then and January 24. Make sure it is placed at least 1 m away from your waste carts.

  • If you have a large amount of cardboard or gift wrap to dispose of, you can also drop it off at a Community Recycling Depot. The closest ones are located at the Callingwood Rec Centre and the Real Canadian Superstore on 173 Street.

If there are any items you are unsure about, check out the wastewise app or the City’s website edmonton.ca/waste. Lastly, remember to keep your cart collection area clear of snow and ice so your carts can sit on level ground, your waste collector will thank you!

Submitted by: Nikqueta Mazur, Master Composter Recycler