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Can’t wait for Community League updates? Download our new app! CommuniBee is a mobile app that promotes awareness and engagement for everyone!

Getting the app is easy:
Step 1 – Download the CommuniBee App, either from
the Google Play or Apple App Store
Step 2 – Sign up for a free account
Step 3 – Select La Perle from the list of communities

Using the apps calendar feature, you’ll always be aware of any and all upcoming events in the community, and you can easily RSVP. You can even be reminded via push notifications. There’s also a section on our communities amenities, local businesses and programs and a directory connecting you to all key contacts. Under ‘Documents’ you will have access to all key documents, such as hall booking guidelines, block party kit, etc.

We’re excited to start using this app to get more residents in La Perle aware of and participating in events, and building a more vibrant community! Download it today!