Treasure Hunt

Attention La Perle Kids…. We need your help! There is a missing treasure hidden somewhere in La Perle and we need your help finding it!! We have looked everywhere and now we need more help!!

You can start by going to 9720 190 street, there you will find your badge and some important information… Please grab a pencil, some hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and your sneakiest shoes and get searching! Oh and start thinking about a great code name, as this is a secret mission! 

You will need to find the clue, re-hide it for the next group, sanitize, sneak away, find the next clue. When you’ve found all the clues, you will win a prize! Please be careful crossing the streets!

Treasure Hunters (and Parents) 

  • Please email Christa ([email protected]) your kids’ great codenames and she will have their badges ready (older kids who don’t care about this can skip the badge if they choose).

  • Find each clue, then write down the word (please bring your own pen or take a picture).

  • If you come to a clue and another group is there, please wait your turn and keep socially distant. 

  • Sanitize after each clue. Many people are touching the same clues and we have to put safety first. 

  • Please limit groups to those of the same household/cohort.

  • Please leave everything just as you found it, there are other secret agents also searching!

  • If you can’t find a clue, (and you’re pretty sure you’re in the right place), please text me and I will give you a hint (and if necessary, replace the clue)

  • This is not a race, the hunt will be open until May 16th, so no rush to get it done.

  • There are 10 clues hidden all over the community – careful crossing streets!