Rink update

Hello Neighbours!

I am the Facility Maintenance Director this year for the La Perle Community League and am on the rink committee. I sent out an email earlier this fall to any league members who expressed an interest in volunteering to gauge interest for helping with snow removal on the ice.

Our volunteers are flooding most nights, which means that the snow last night needs to be cleared for a flood tonight. If you have an hour to spare today (and some ice cleats, or some skates that need sharpening anyway) we could use some help pushing the snow to the boards.

We will drive the snowblower around the edge to throw it over, but clearing the bulk of it is the biggest challenge.

If the ice were a bit thicker the easiest way is to grab the big grey push shovels and do your best Oilers rink girl impression. But there are still some thin spots and it may do more damage to blades than save you time right now (but you can skate to push if you are willing to accept that risk). Otherwise please be careful and use traction cleats if you have them.

I do not need a response, just feel free to pop over if you have some time to clear a portion. I will put the shovels out by 10:30am at the latest.

Thank you!
If you are interested in being added to the Snow Force One volunteer list, please email [email protected].

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