Community Scavenger Hunt 🎃

We are super excited to provide details of the La Perle community SCAVENGER HUNT!!

Registration closes Sunday, October 25th. Registration only takes a couple of minutes, and allows us to prepare with the proper amount of candy bags.

On Halloween, participants of the scavenger hunt are asked to meet at the community hall between 3:30 and 4:00! Here is the plan…. 

  • Meet at the community hall, come dressed in your Halloween Costume! Please do not crowd the table
  • Bring a pencil and something to write on (if you want)
  • We will be handing out the scavenger hunt list, younger participants will have a different list than older kids, so all ages are welcome!
  • Teams are fine, but please consider keeping your team to your cohort
  • Hunters are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing
  • Once complete hunters will return to the hall to collect their treat bags. Note: the treat bags will be packed a week early, and only touched with sanitized hands after that. 
  • This is NOT A RACE! The community league accepts no responsibility for hunters actions. PLEASE cross streets safely, everyone who participates will receive a treat bag. 
  • Hunters can then take a supper break and go trick-or-treating, if they choose. 

Community members…

  • Please keep your house dark if you are not handing out candy. 
  • For those that are, please consider wearing a mask and using a safe method to give out the candy. Some people will use tongs, others will leave the treat on the step and move back, others are using home designed devices.
  • We encourage homes to keep their inside door open (if possible) to avoid ringing the doorbell
  • Halloweeners’ please do not crowd on steps, if possible, please call to the homes rather than ringing the bell.